How It Works

Who is Virginia Correctional Enterprises?

Virginia Correctional Enterprises (VCE) is an inmate work program for inmates incarcerated within the Department of Corrections to produce goods and services for agencies of the Commonwealth while maintaining the goal of providing work opportunities and skill learning programs for inmates. These skills and work ethics are transferable to society upon release and have proven helpful in reducing the rate of recidivism.


What type of ink services does VCE offer?

Currently VCE only has toner recycling and replacement services.


What are Renewable Printer Cartridges?

These are either ink or toner cartridges that are recovered after use, disassembled, cleaned and reassembled using all new components, ink or toner, and chips. They are Form, Fit and Functionally identical in both Page Yield and Image Quality to new or, Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) cartridges, but with a substantial cost savings.


What Kind of Cost Savings Can I Expect by Switching to VCE’s Renewable Printer Cartridges?

Typically, customers see cost savings ranging from 20% to 35%.


What is the Delivery Time for VCE’s Renewable Printer Cartridges?

Orders received by Noon will ship the same day or the next day for all others. Shipping is via UPS 2nd Day Ground.


What Do I do if I Receive an Error Message that an HP Cartridge is “Damaged” or “Missing”?

During 2017, HP began to introduce new firmware into user’s printers via the Automatic Update feature.  This was described as a “Dynamic Security” update but in fact incorporated code that caused the printer to fail to recognize non-HP printer cartridges.  Under legal and public opinion pressure, the HP CEO apologized and HP made a further upgrade available, via its website, to resolve the problem.  This same issue has occurred at least once again since 2017. The solution to this issue is to visit and enter your printer’s details.  You will be provided with a link to HP website where you can download the latest HP firmware for your printer. Upon completion of installing this new firmware, the cartridges you have will function properly. If you do not have clearances or approvals to download and install printer firmware, please contact your Agency IT department. If this does not correct the problem, please contact VCE Customer Support for further assistance.


Are Renewable Printer Cartridges a Mandatory Source And Replacement For Both OEM and Remanufactured Printer Cartridges?

Yes. Section 53.1-47 of the Code of Virginia requires that all Articles and Services produced, manufactured or remanufactured by persons confined in State Correctional Facilities shall be purchased by all departments, institutions and agencies of the Commonwealth which are supported in whole or in part with funds from the state treasury for their use or the use of persons whom they assist financially. Page | 2 Revision: 1.1 Tuesday, June 6, 2017 Except as provided in S 53.1-48, no such articles or services shall be purchased by any department, institution or agency of the Commonwealth from any other source. Further, a department, institution or agency of the Commonwealth may only be granted an exemption from the provisions of § 53.1-47 with the consent of both the Director of the Division of Purchases and Supply and the Chief Executive Officer of the Virginia Correctional Enterprises Program in any case where (i) the article so produced or manufactured does not meet the reasonable requirements of the department, institution or agency, (ii) an identical article can be obtained at a verified lesser cost from the private sector, which is evidenced by a verified request for pricing, or (iii) the requisition made cannot be complied with on account of an insufficient supply of the articles or supplies required, or otherwise. In addition Section 53.1-49 requires that no department, institution or agency of the Commonwealth shall be allowed to evade the intent and meaning of §§ 53.1-47 and 53.1-48 by slight variations from specifications adopted by the Division of Purchases and Supply of the Department of General Services pursuant to § 2.2-1112, when the articles produced or manufactured in accordance with specifications of the Department are reasonably adapted to the actual needs of the department, institution or agency.


Will the Use of VCE Renewable Printer Cartridges Affect the Warranty on my Printer?

Manufacturers cannot legally require a printer owner or lessee - verbally or otherwise – to purchase supplies exclusively from them. This unlawful "tying agreement" violates provisions of the Sherman and Clayton Antitrust Acts and the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act. It is exclusively your right to choose which products you install in your printer. The OEM may charge Time and Materials to repair a printer damaged by the use of a 3 rd Party Cartridge but these costs are covered by VCE’s Warranty.


What is the VCE Warranty for its Renewable Printer Cartridges?

Just the same as an OEM warranty. If a VCE cartridge fails, we will replace it. If it fails and damages your printer, we will pay to repair or replace the printer.


How Do I Purchase VCE’s Renewable Printer Cartridges?

VCE’s Renewable Printer Cartridges can be found at and are available for purchase through a punch-out catalog at eVA.


What if I Do Not See the Product I Want on the VCE Website or the eVA Punch-Out catalog?

Please contact VCE Customer Service via email at or Toll Free at (800) 823-2823. If VCE does not carry the cartridge you need, Customer Service will guide you to the Release/Waiver process.


What if I Have a Problem with VCE’s Renewable Printer Cartridges?

Please contact VCE Customer Service via email at or Toll Free at (800) 823-2823.


What if my Manager or IT Department Says I Cannot Buy VCE’s Renewable Printer Cartridges?

Please refer them to this document or ask them to contact Dan Palmer via email at or by phone at 804 396 0264.


How often can I return cartridges?

You can return as many as one shipment a day or as little as one shipment a year just remember the minimum return amount is 25 units.


Will a remanufactured cartidge yield the same quality as a new one?

There should be no difference in print quality or page yield with a properly remanufactured cartridge.


What if I experience a quality issue?

If our cartridge does not meet your quality expectations, simply notify a customer service representative at 1-800-823-2823 and return the cartridge along with a page sample showing the print quality problem in the box that it came in.


Who can I call if I have questions?

Our customer service team is eager to answer your questions and can be reached toll free at 1-800-823-2823.



Step 1

The old cartridge is taken apart. Any broken parts are eradicated.


Step 2

Previous toner is taken out by a vacuuming process ultrasound is used to completely clean fine toner dust from all components.


Step 3

Worn out and broken parts are swapped out.


Step 4

The photo drum is generally changed. The drum is incredibly delicate, and the tiniest flaw will affect the quality of prints.


Step 5

Brand new blades are installed. The blades work two-fold. One blade puts toner on the drum and the other gets rid of excessive dust.


Step 6

The toner cartridge is loaded with a high quality toner that meets or exceeds manufacturer (OEM) standards.


Step 7

A gasket stops toner particles from hovering into the laser printer.


Step 8

Each and every reloaded toner cartridge is examined to guarantee quality.


Step 9

The remanufactured toner cartridge is now sealed in anti-static black bags made of plastic that prevent light from entering. Boxed packaging is added for extra protection and shipping.