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VCE creates a work ethic for success on the outside. Most of those who are now incarcerated will return to society. While it’s not up to VCE to decide who is or is not released, as a Correctional Program it is our job to teach inmates the necessary skills they need to successfully find and keep a job outside prison walls. Boiled down to the most simplistic terms, the ability to earn a paycheck once released is pivotal to whether or not a former inmate becomes a productive member of society or a repeat inmate.




About Us

Virginia Correctional Enterprises is a self-supporting agency established by the Virginia General Assembly over 85 years ago to employ and train inmates in the Virginia Department of Corrections. VCE’s job-training programs help Virginia to post among the lowest reincarceration rates in the country.

VCE products are constructed with pride and established industry certifications and standards.

VCE’s mission is to strengthen future employment opportunities and marketable skills for inmate workers through on-the-job training and work development programs, supported by the production and delivery of quality products and services to our customers. VCE workforce development programs are voluntary, inmate workers apply, interview and are accepted into a program based on a predetermined set of criteria for each program.

Preparing for a Successful Reentry

VCE Workforce Development employs strategies to improve the inmate workers’ productivity in the workplace and provide the necessary skills to secure meaningful employment in the private sector upon their release from custody. VCE’s workforce development programs focus on the inmate worker’s ability to grow their skills and develop the tools needed for future success.

Program participants receive soft skills training through their participation in on-the-job training and classroom instruction, teaching them how to excel at communication, teamwork, time management, accountability and lean practices.

Inmate workers learn specialized skills for modern industries, from powered industrial truck operations to AutoCAD to maintenance and sanitation solutions. This training is delivered in the form of Registered Apprenticeships, industry/vendor certification programs and workforce development programs.

Office Chair


We’ve made chairs for state office
workers including the Governor himself.


We’ve been around over 75 years and have a lot to show for it. Successful VCE projects are being showcased all over Virginia — from the intricate embroidery you see on state employee’s shirts to the variety of office furniture styles available. Examples of our products and services range from the ergonomic chairs in the offices of thousands of state and federal employees, to the linens at a major Virginia teaching hospital, which are washed, cleaned and delivered by VCE. Where will you find us? And will you know it when you do? You can see examples of our work at most major universities, lobbies of public buildings, state parks, boardrooms and more. You may have even sat on one of our chairs, or unknowingly handed out business cards printed by us. If you’re in a public school, you might see a large format textbook we printed for visually impaired students. We’re even in places you don’t see, restoring old blueprints into new, readable quality. All projects we undertake are designed to satisfy the most discriminating and cost conscious customer and withstand the rigors of use typical in high-traffic areas.

Our customers are often surprised at how deftly we can take a blank space and create an inviting, upscale showplace or how we can use our space planning layouts to construct an office environment that is efficient, practical as well as attractive.

If you want it customized, just ask us. To meet exacting standards of tradition and durability, a state-supported military institute asked that we specifically build their furniture to exacting dimensions with hard rock maple.

We deliver to their specifications over and over again. And as a result, they remain one of our most loyal and satisfied customers. When Virginia parks built cabins, VCE furnished all of them top to bottom in mission style furniture custom made to fit that specific space and to last as long as the structure itself.

To say the least, we’re unruffled by exacting standards and specific requests and treat them as opportunities to prove ourselves.

Thank you for your support! VCE delivers!

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