Warranties VCE

VCE Renewable Printer Cartridges Warranty - Equivalent to OEM Cartridge Warranties

VCE will replace any failed cartridge free of charge within one year of the cartridge ship date. If the cartridge fails and damages the printer, VCE will pay to repair or replace the printer. All warranty claims are subject to verification by VCE staff.


VCE Ink & Toner Cartridge Return Policy

You may return unopened packages or partial packages (unopened cartridges only), for up to 30 days after the date of purchase. This is separate from the cartridge warranty.

Please contact VCE with the reason for the return, the quantity of unopened cartridges to be returned, and the order number the cartridges are associated with. An address will be provided for you to mail the cartridges to (if open cartridges are included in the return package the entire return package may be subject to disposal and zero refunds). A 15% restocking/cancellation fee will apply.


I have recently attended several meetings wearing our new summer uniform, both on and off campus, and have received many compliments.  I have proudly told others that this was a Virginia Correctional Enterprises project and that we have been completely satisfied with the quality and service of VCE.