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There is an easy to use “SEARCH BY CARTRIDGE” search box in the upper right hand corner of the Ink and Toner homepage.

Never use “HEW” prefixes or any other vendor pre-fixes in your search.

Cartridge searches become easier if you use only the cartridge identifier information. For example, if you are searching for the HP CE410 cartridge, the best search string is “CE410”. By using “CE410” you will obtain two results: the HP CE410A and the HP CE410X.

You can obtain results for the full color spectrum of these cartridges if you shorten your search string to only “CE41”. If searching by “CE41”, you

will be presented with 5 cartridges: HP CE 410A, HP CE410X, HP CE411A Cyan, HP CE412A Yellow and HP CE413 Magenta. You can select all of the colors needed for your printer with one easy search string!

Searches for Brother cartridges work much the same as HP. If you begin the search string with the TN or LC designation followed by the cartridge numbers. The shorter the search string, the greater the number of results.

If you are unable to locate the cartridge you need using this search method you should submit a release request to purchase from another vendor

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Keep in mind that in the world of ink and toner cartridges that an “A” or no letter at all at the end of the cartridge number indicates a standard page yield cartridge. Any cartridge with an “X” or “XL” designation at the end of the cartridge number indicates a higher page yield cartridge. Extended page yield cartridges are priced so that they are most economical in terms of cost per 1,000 page printed.

Information about cartridge compatibility and cartridge page yields is readily available on the VCEINK website. Once you have located the cartridge you wish to purchase, hover your mouse/cursor over the photograph of the cartridge and left click. You will be presented with a new page that provides a list of printers that will accept the cartridge and tells you the page yield of that cartridge.

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The VCE ink and toner website has useful information about items that VCE does not carry, items that do not require release requests, items that have discontinued and information about upcoming items and product changes. Ink and toner buyers should always check the website to determine if the products they need have been recently added to the product line.

Warranty Icon
VCE Renewable Printer Cartridges Warranty - Equivalent to OEM Cartridge Warranties

VCE will replace any failed cartridge free of charge within one year of the cartridge ship date. If the cartridge fails and damages the printer, VCE will pay to repair or replace the printer. All warranty claims are subject to verification by VCE staff.

Although it can take a little time to receive your order, the furniture is very well made and worth the wait. Also, I was having a hard time finding a stand up desk to fit the size of my regular desk. Karl actually made a trip to Harrisonburg to look at my desk, measure it, and talk with me about options. Then he went back to his office, checked it out, and let me know what they could do. You don’t get that type of service much anymore!